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Sir Dishface Ex-Trinity de la Crackers
6 November
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Formerly Trinity630 and weforgotthecrackers, I'm Dishface. I still use weforgotthecrackers occasionally, but Dishface is the name I use the most.

First impressions of me are either "kind," "emo," or "cross-dresser." The way I act in real life compared to my internet personality is just about the same, though I'm a bit more open and probably more civilized online. I tend to talk before I think in life, so that explains my terrible grammar. Hmm.

I'm not much of a shipper, but if I do, I ship it because I find a spark that could be ignited. (Or it makes me go "awwwww.") Doesn't matter if they have the same wing-wong or ha-ha, if it intrigues me, they get shipped in my head. I only ship, like, 2, 3 pairings tops though.

Currently I talk about Tales of Symphonia a lot, mainly Zelos and Lloyd. Yes. You know where this is going. But I love any kind of interaction between them, whether its love, friendship, companions, hatred--anything. Its the way they interact that gets me. When it comes to them getting hooked up, I like reading a fanfic writer's interpretation of how that could happen. (I mean, I think they'd be such a lovely couple if they weren't straight as straight can be.) If you write Lloyd/Zelos, I'd love to read it. :D

If I can state my one pet peeve on a few characterizations of Zelos: He's a womanizer, NOT a woman.

Oh shit, this is supposed to be a bio.

The Megaman series will always be on my favorites. The series is the whole reason why I can use the internet and why I am able to draw. Its mega-awesome, man. ...mega.

I'm a chick. Guess what race? Here's a hint: I MIGHT be chinese. HMM.

And know, a rave party.

(you can take these icons without crediting me)